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ACCESS SCHISMWelcome:  I’m Andrew Blanford the creator and editor of  For those arriving here from the Houston Press Article or any other locale on the internet, or for those interested in finding out more about Access Consciousness, please go to Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind and begin there.  They do have a bunch of bad links in the “CRITICAL WEB SITES” section at the bottom of their page, but I have repaired the links and posted them, as well as a few others, at the bottom of this page under ~GET RESOURCES ~.

It was my recent decision to stop updating the Access Schism web site and to remove all of the content.  I feel like I have succeeded in creating the awareness I sought to create around the destructive groups like Access Consciousness and feel like it’s time to move on.

Access Schism - Access Consciousness

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS:  My experience with, and research of, Access Consciousness, which I did in earnest, is, they do not teach or focus on the consciousness of Love or of unity.  Access Consciousness focus’ on and teaches the consciousness of disunity, control and fear.  More specifically, Access Consciousness focus’ on and teaches the consciousness of division and separation.  Access Consciousness promotes and advocates cheating and lying and they teach and advocate cheating on your partner and lying about it in perpetuity “if it is honoring of you”.  For the record, I have no problem at all with multiple free love, polyamory or whatever lifestyle you choose.  The line should be drawn at lying about it.   Lying constitutes stealing of others free will, because they no longer have the ability to make sound decisions in their life as a result of the lie being told to them.  Only through Truth can you make accurate decisions in your life.


Access Consciousness teaches a form of Solipsistic / Nihilism.  This is not the Consciousness of Love.

I have made the decision to no longer associate myself with anything not Love and loving.  Although the Access Schism site was intended to inform others about Access Consciousness and allow them to make their own decisions, which was coming from a consciousness of Love, it was not feeling like Love.  It doesn’t make me feel good delving into the pits of manipulation promoted by Access Consciousness.

And to the good doctor Dain, I don’t need you to show me how to attract money or women.

You may be able to find some of the Access Schism content on the Way Back Machine, and I  fully stand behind the  Houston Press article and everything written on the Access Schism site.


If you are from the Press or have any questions please contact me at:

Peace and Love,



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