About Deacon Smith

ABOUT US:  I’m Andrew and along with my son Kyle, we created Deacon Smith.

I am an electromechanical engineer and have been working as such for 24 years all over the United States.  I am also the former editor of  accessschism.com.  Kyle is a young artist and entrepreneur, who spent a bit of time in the U.S. Marines Corps, but quickly realized he was a man of Peace, rather than a man of war.  It seems most of Kyle’s generation has been coerced into taking the path of narcissistic materialism, but Kyle has chosen to not participate in the consciousness of greed and fear and has chosen to participate in a Consciousness of Peace and Love through art.

ENERGY, EQUILIBRIUM and MACHINES:  Equilibrium is defined as “the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced”.  Coming from an engineering background and having worked on a myriad of different machines overt the years, I have noticed that machines are no different than us.  Machines, although not spiritual in the human sense, in that they do not ponder their existence, that we know of, constantly seek Equilibrium.  It is that seeking of Equilibrium through electrical and mechanical potential, that we utilize to assist US in OUR quest for ease and Equilibrium.  We as individuals, all of us, seek Equilibrium, ease, Harmony and Peace.

PEACE AND LOVE:  Peace and Love may sound all “new age y” and hippie like to a lot of you, but when you boil everything down, when you really boil everything down, and remove yourself from the constant barrage of Hollywood, politics, american and western media, sports, advertising and the prison planet we have created for ourselves, it all comes down to Peace and Love.  Peace and Love is the answer.  The Consciousness of Love more specifically.  The Collective Consciousness of Love.

TELEVISION CHALLENGE:  Television, broadcast television, is one of the most nefarious mind control mechanisms that currently exists.  Whether you know it or not, television changes you, it affects you, it controls you.  Television has a unique ability of removing you from yourself.  Television has an ability of taking you out of your here and now and transporting you to someone else’s here and now.  Your focus is removed from you and placed on someone else, somewhere else.  Television news is the worst offender.  The television news, local and national, that we believe to be benevolent, truthful and helpful to our daily lives controls us.  I can tell you this all day long.  You can read articles about the damaging affects of watching television; you can research how television seeps into our consciousness and the ways that it influences us, but not until you remove television from your daily life will you ever understand.  Just say NO to television.

I challenge everyone and anyone reading this to stop watching television.  I had never been much of a television watcher, even when I was a kid, but I did watch my fair share don’t get me wrong.  Then in 1998 I stopped watching all television and let me tell you something, it will change you and change your life.  You will then be required to make your own decisions and choices and begin taking responsibility for yourself.  You will begin to see the natural world and the wonders it holds.  You will begin to see beauty and Love all around you.  I didn’t personally feel any sense of loss whatsoever from removing television from my life, however I do think the possibility exists that some people literally wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.  And that is a sure sign that there is a problem.  If just the thought of quitting television makes you shutter, you need to take this challenge seriously and start asking yourself some questions.

One way of removing television from your life is to first turn off the cable and broadcast television antenna to your “TV” and start calling your “television” what it really is, a display or entertainment device.  Then instead of watching television, use your “display” to display entertainment from your computer.  Youtube, Netflix or any other entertainment you can locate.  For now, Youtube is still ok, although they are starting to incorporate advertisements on nearly all videos, so far, a lot of them you can still skip if you want.  Entertainment is essential, so try finding some non-television entertainment.  Sometimes we just need a little Family Guy or a good comedy to take us away.  Or, more than that, you can find good stuff like this on Youtube.

So, again, I challenge you to STOP watching television.  If, as you read this, your reaction is one of disgust or outrage at even the suggestion…you should seriously think about that.

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS:  There is a term that many use, known as Collective Consciousness.  This weird esoteric thing called Collective Consciousness also sounds weird and sounds like more hippie bullshit, but please… look at this and ask yourself how we are different than the Collective Consciousness that built this GIGANTIC African ant colony.  There was no single ant architect that organized and dictated the building of this colossus.  There was no overarching government organization or control mechanism.  This was the collective will of the colony.  The Collective Consciousness of the ant colony worked together as one, but through individual minds to construct it.

Our human Collective Consciousness is the same, yet is blackened, coerced, manipulated and controlled by government, media, man made laws and greed.  Somehow, some way our Collective Consciousness has become one of fear.  The consciousness of fear is a consciousness of labels, hate, control, competition, war, greed, money, distrust, hidden knowledge and darkness.  And as much as they would like to convince you otherwise with MORE television, MORE advertising and MORE news, the consciousness of fear is not the answer.

The Consciousness of Love and Peace is the answer.  The consciousness of Love consists of no labels, Peace, Love, Compassion, Understanding, Empathy, Nature, Natural Law, Trust, Knowledge, Truth and Light.  The road to changing our Collective Consciousness to Love is simple, very simple.  All it takes is participating in the consciousness of Love and focusing on Love and not participating the consciousness of fear and not participating in the consciousness of fear.  Surround yourself with the Consciousness of Love.  Surround yourself with Beauty and Truth, Compassion and Empathy, Natural Law and Understanding.  Surround yourself with Trust and Light.  Always remember; Beauty Uplifts Behavior.  Not power and control.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY:  My personal philosophy is an all encompassing philosophy of consideration, compassion, knowledge, understanding, education, trust, Love, Truth, Natural Law and ever-evolving thought and opinion. I am not a label, there is not an “ism” or “ity” that fits me.  I am not a Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Libertarian or an Anarchist. I do not subscribe to the cult of anything or anyone and I reserve the right to reject, accept or expel from my life whatever I wish, should I find it not suitable.  All of these things are done without harming other human beings or preventing other human beings from exercising their free will.

ABOUT ME:  I was born in Illinois in 1970 (October 23, 1970 for those that may wonder about my zodiac sign, I am a Libra on the cusp) and I grew up in rural Iowa in the 80s. I have a degree in engineering from a small technical college in West Des Moines, Iowa. I moved to New York City in the summer of 2000 to work for a computer company in Manhattan and now live in Colorado and work for an engineering firm out of Munich, Germany.

NATURAL LAW:  Natural Law is the permanent law of all things and is not a belief.  Authorities would have you believe otherwise, but Natural Law is the inherent law of all things, as opposed to the false laws of men used by government for manipulation and control.  For more information on Natural Law begin here and watch a Natural Law lecture by Mark Passio.

Surround yourself with Beauty, Peace and Love.